Facing health care transformation: good leadership and the National Recovery and Resilience Plan



Exceptional historical periods require exceptional measures. Leadership, Management, and Governance skills in Healthcare are essential for Value-Based systems to perform efficiently and effectively.

The European Union has provided extraordinary resources for the Resilience of Nations (NGEU) to the COVID-19 Pandemics. The National Recovery and Resilience Plan for Italy, declined in six missions, allocates about 16 billion Euros to Health Mission (M6), over approximately 230 billion. This is an unprecedented amount of resources, which will make it possible to strengthen prevention and primary health care, modernize and digitalize health systems to ensure equal access to care.

The purpose of this Program is:

providing Alumni with tools for proper governance of challenges and opportunities of the current historical phase, both within and beyond national borders, aiming at the development of Leaders in efficient, renewed, digital, value-based Health Systems.

The course will take place with a first online part (Chapter 1) and a second part in presence in Rome (Chapter 2), at ROMA EVENTI FONTANA DI TREVI, Piazza della Pilotta 4 - 00187 Rome, for participants chosen among top personalities from the different Italian regional healthcare realities.

Course Program

Chapter 1

Webinar February 24, 2022

Detailed Program

10 am: No time to lose, W Ricciardi

10:30 am: Leadership & Governance, C Favaretti

11:00 am: Beyond Covid, the current challenges in healthcare, MR Gualano

11:30 am: Better Value Health care, Sir M Gray

12:00 pm: The NRRP and the future of investments in healthcare, N Cartabellotta

12:45 pm: Conclusions and appointment for March 16

Chapter 2

Residential course 16 March 2022

Detailed Program

10.30 am: Introduction to the day, MR Gualano

10.45 am: Lectio magistralis – The future of our NHS, W Ricciardi

11:30 am: Interpreting changes in healthcare, PNRR applications, M Altini, T Carradori

12:00 am: Digitalization and AI in Healthcare F Cascini

12:30-1:30 pm: Lunch

1:30 pm: Practical applications: The Smartcare project in its declinations (by SIMM, L Mantovani. I Massa, G Benati)

2:30 pm: The governance of health technologies and access to innovation A Cicchetti

3:00 pm: Perspectives and horizons of NRRP, F Moirano

3:30 pm: Interactive round table questions/answers

4:30 pm: Closing remarks and greetings


Detailed Program

Walter Ricciardi, President WPHA, Full Professor of Hygiene

Sir Muir Gray, Oxford University

Carlo Favaretti, Center for Research and Leadership Studies in Medicine Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Maria Rosaria Gualano, SIMM Vice President, Associate Professor of Hygiene

Nino Cartabellotta, President of GIMBE Foundation

Mattia Altini, SIMM President, Medical Director AUSL Romagna

Tiziano Carradori, General Manager AUSL Romagna

Ilaria Massa, IRST Meldola

Lorenzo Mantovani, Associate Professor of Hygiene, Director of Value-Based Healthcare Unit, IRCCS MultiMedica

Giuseppe Benati, Department of Primary Care and Community Medicine Forlì Cesena AUSL Romagna

Americo Cicchetti, ALTEMS Director, Full Professor of Business Organization

Fidelia Cascini, Researcher Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Digital Health Expert Ministry of Health

Fulvio Moirano, Sole Director of Fucina Sanità