Alma Academy Mission

The Academy for Leadership and Management in Medicine (ALMA) is an international program designed to promote cultural change in healthcare professionals by strengthening their experience and vision so they can influence and empower systems to create value.

Healthcare is a constantly evolving sector, which is facing several challenges:

  • Demographic changes;
  • Economic and environmental sustainability of the NHS;
  • Digitalization and telemedicine tools;
  • Systems’ preparedeness;
  • Privacy and data;
  • Citizens’ empowerment;
  • Equity and accessibility of health services;
  • Reorganization of primary care

Leadership is key for Public Health Professionals to face these challenges. The ultimate goal is preserving with Stewardship attitude Italy’s most precious asset: the National Health Service.

ALMA’s main goal is therefore to offer ad-hoc training for Italian and international Healthcare managers. Emerging challenges and issues in Public Health will be systematically analyzed using the most recent and innovative methodologies. Topics covered include:

  • Value Based Healthcare
  • Sustainable Healthcare
  • Health Leadership and Management
  • Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
  • Digitization and telemedicine
  • Personalized Medicine and System Network and Pathways