Advanced Training Courses for Healthcare Professionals

ALMA engages and networks the best energy and experienced healthcare leadership personalities to find innovative solutions that the complex world of healthcare needs.



To train a class of Leaders for the governance of changes in Healthcare, revolving around Value and Evidence-Based Management, for contributing to the economic and social growth of the Country and providing response to its health needs.

ALMA offers training aimed at providing healthcare managers with the competencies and skills necessary to act as central players in a rapidly changing system. Particularly promoting deep analysis and knowledge of all current and future aspects of the healthcare scenario and development of an appropriate culture of leadership and healthcare management.

Innovative approach

ALMA offers training courses built through the involvement of a high-profile expertise, made up of Leaders in health governance at national and international levels.

The courses will start from an accurate analysis of emerging challenges and issues in Public Health, declined according to the most recent and innovative methodologies. Topics such as Value Based Healthcare, Sustainable Healthcare, Health Technology Assessment (HTA), Digitization and Telemedicine, Personalized Medicine and System Networks and Pathways will be covered.

Didactic Methodology

The courses will be provided in dual mode, face-to-face and distance learning via interactive digital platforms.

In addition to the possibility of using frontal lessons, recorded and available on the platform, “learning by doing” activities will be carried out, and interaction and comparison among the participants is encouraged to promote knowledge and experience sharing.